Offering Site Assessment, Hotel Security, Private Investigative Services & More for 20 Years

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Experienced Security Firm in the Tri-State Area

Are you looking for a reliable organization to protect your office buildings and hotels? Worry no more. With 20 years of experience, Platinum Security is the premier choice for all your security needs. We are a private security firm offering armed and unarmed security in the entire Tri-State Area.

Our Excellence

Platinum Security is committed to providing our clients with a secure and safe environment by acting with constant and dedicated vigilance. We work with our clients as a cohesive entity to accomplish all their security goals. We understand the need for reliable protection and offer you top-of-the-line services to ensure the security and safety of your properties.

Services Provided

We offer best-in-class services for all your security needs. Our exclusive services include but are not limited to:

Private Investigation Services

Private Investigation Services

We offer a range of private investigation services, including exceptional event access control, crowd management, threat assessments

Penetration Services

Penetration Testing

Our penetration testing is carried out with the utmost expertise and held in the strictest confidence

Insurance Fraud

Insurance Fraud, Insurance Investigation, Workers Compensation

Our insurance fraud, insurance investigation, and workers compensation services are top-of-the-line

Site Assessment

Site Assessment

We provide site assessment, hotel security, and other private investigative services


Active Shooter Assessment

We also offer a one-of-a-kind active shooter assessment facility


Restaurant Security

We offer restaurant security for effective crowd management

Employment Termination

Employment Termination

Employment management and termination is also one of our predominant offerings

Hotel Security

Hotel Security

We have provided hotel security and other private investigative services for 20 years


Executive Protection Escort

Our sole purpose is to provide an unmitigated safe environment for all attendees with minimal intrusion.

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Rooftop Security

We offer rooftop security in hotels and restaurants


Hurricane Preparedness

Our employees also provide hurricane preparedness and other incidents


Company Strike / Labor Dispute Detail

We also offer management to control company strike labor and dispute details


Crowd Management

Crowd management services are also one of our primary offerings


Social Media Geonet Monitoring Section of Website

What is social media monitoring? In basic terms, it’s the process of regularly tracking and analyzing online mentions and conversations about your brand, product, industry, or competitors across different social media platforms. Contact us for a detailed discussion of services based on needs.