Services Offered

    • Armed and Unarmed Security Professionals

      • Our officers train rigorously to maintain the highest standards of professionalism, customer service and empathy to resolve matters decisively with minimal threat to them and others.

    • Executive, Dignitary and Entertainment Protective Services

      • We Pride ourselves on blending into the fabric of the event, to not be seen, felt or detected in any manner attending the event. Our sole purpose is to provide an unmitigated safe environment for all attendees with minimal intrusion.

    • Private Investigations; Criminal, Civil, Social and Personal

      • Our investigations are handled in the utmost of confidentiality. Reports are timely, accurate, detailed ever mindful of the clients objectives at every step on the process.

    • Special Event Access Control and Crowd Management

      • With extensive experience working some of the premiere sporting events, corporate engagements and society functions, our staff are well versed in the art of making sure your event is safe secure and will mitigate intrusion or disruption quietly and effectively.

    • CCTV / Access Control Installation and Service

      • All work is done professionally, by qualified technicians with a focus on the clients privacy and confidence.

    • Active & Passive Security / Threat and Risk Assessments

      • Our penetration testing is done with the highest levels of professionalism and held in the strictest confidence, all the time providing key insight and understanding of deficiencies in sites, and personnel. Our reports will have an emphasis on improving the areas in need to improve client safety and security.

    • Emergency Response and Crisis Management

      • Our Crisis response staff will take the time to LISTEN to your CONCERNS and NEEDS in order to focus on the areas that are most deficient. We will advise on all areas that are in need of immediate and potential concern. Our focus is also commenting on strength areas.

    • Fire Life Safety Directors NYC

      • Fire and Life Safety (FLS) Director is required in any commercial building requiring Comprehensive Fire Safety and Emergency Action Plan or the buildings previously requiring Fire Safety Directors. In general, any building classified as a high-rise office building, hotel or buildings that have voluntarily installed fire alarm systems with two-way voice communication systems must have a Fire Life and Safety Director on premises during regular business hours.

    • Faith-based Teaching Institutions; Temples, Churches, Public Schools, Private Schools, and Charter Schools.

    • Warehouses, Distribution Centers, Fulfilment Centers, Logistic Depots, and Holiday/Seasonal Pop-Up Stores.

    • Data Storage Centers

    • Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Dialysis & Healthcare Companies Including Hospitals.

    • Travel and Tour Groups

    • Travel Abroad Security Escorts, Business & Pleasure

    • Entertainment Venues Such as Local Live Community Theaters, Vineyards, Flea Markets, and Open-Air Concerts.

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